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The company, CMM srl, was founded in 2011 by its founder Vittorio Imperiali, a deep know ledge of Natural Stones and Apuan Marbles and a great expert in the stone industry, who for some years had already been involved in cultivation in Quarry No. 61 “Valpulita” in Carrara .


Particularly attentive to the dynamics of the markets and to the trends of architecture and design, the company immediately started a path of excellence by placing it self as a preferential interlocutor for the supply of high quality marble with intense a esthetic value, suchas some varieties exclusive of Calacatta marble and Apuanmarble from its own quarries, as wellas historical materials extracted from the “Moncervetto Piemonte quarry” in the Cuneo district.

Calacatta Manhattan Blue
C.M.M srl


Our relationship with customers is strongly characterized by a distinctive client-oriented approach thanks to which we interact with a view to partnership ratherthan a simple supply. Thanks to the high quality of the materials extracted and marketed and to targeted strategic choices adopted over time, we have consolidated our presence in world markets by operating with China, India, North America, Europe, in addition to the national market.

Upon request, the company deals with the procurement and supply of all stone materials from the Apuo-Versiliese area, as part of the realization of architectural projects of any size and type, from research and selection, to the acquisition and supply, with expert and complete advice also on the occasion of artistic works and in the production of finished products such as columns, cladding, stair ways and many other applications of natural stone.

Cava Moncervetto

The company is obtaing the main Certifications suchas:

ISO 9001:2015 standard “Quality management systems – Requirements” is the most famous and widespread standard for quality improvement. Itis the standard chosen by all those organizations that intend to equip themselves with a work tool aimed at continuous and constant improvement, who want to increase their efficiency, reduce costs, and increase customer loyalty.

ISO 14001:2015 identifies a technical standard of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) on environmental management systems (EMS) thatestablishes the requirements of an environmental management system of any organization.


ISO 45001: 2018 This International Standard specifies the requirements for an occupational health and safety (OSH) management system and provides guidance on its use, in order to enable organizations to provide safe and healthy work places, preventing injury and disease. related to work, as well as proactively improving their OSH performance.

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